It all started with a bite. As he enjoyed every bite of the Dates he bought from a local store nearby, he started to develop an interest in dry fruits, for the first time. His craving for dates and other dry fruits prompted him to frequent the store.

His newfound love for dry fruits took a new turn when he tried Medjoul Dates from a renowned farm in Saudi Arabia. It tasted more delicious than the ones he had from his country. He realized that like any other food, the taste of dry fruits changes with culture.

His craving slowly transitioned into something bigger, as he embarked on a journey to explore the varieties of nuts and dry fruits. He visited the best farms in the world to learn about the production stages of nuts and dry fruits. Some of his finds include an almond farm in California, a Kiwi fruit farm in Brazil, a Pistachio farm in Iran, etc.

Days passed, months passed, seasons passed, but his passion stayed. As his journey reached its last leg, he had already made up his mind. He wanted to impart the taste of these goodies to his people. He wished to make the world's finest goodies accessible to his people. His wish lead to the birth of the glorious business venture: Palm Tree

What started as an evening indulgence has today become a fast-expanding multi-store venture. Today, we specialize in the best supply and distribution practices of premium dates, nuts, other dry fruits, and spices. We offer these savories of different variety from different nations around the globe, all thanks to our leading exporters from different countries. All the products we offer are strictly quality controlled; including visual inspection of incoming raw materials and pack checks according to the customer needs.

Yes, it all started with a bite!

Our Mission

To make the world's delicious delights available under one roof. We aim to make the world's finest delights accessible to people across India by providing the top-notch dates, nuts, and dry fruits sourced from the world over. Finest-in-class client satisfaction is our company's guiding principle as we work to deliver only the best.

Our Vision

To become the face of healthy snacking by providing customers with our offerings that help them lead a healthy lifestyle. With our healthy snacking options, we make sure our customers' needs and wants are met. The concept of snacking has kept evolving with time. Today, snacking is not just about gorging on junk foods and gluten-rich snacks, as people have become more aware of their health. People's preference for dry fruits as a snacking option has increased. Thus, leading to the popularity of dry fruits. As a specialty store for dates, nuts and dry fruits, we aim to expand our retail chain and cater to people across India.